WGGS 16.2 Program Schedule for December 21-27 2014

Midnight God Came Near The Ray Lucia Show Stellar Awards Tribute to Holidays Christmas From the Heart Have No Fear Liberace Christmas Paid Programming
12:30 Christ. Memories Quiettime Christmas The Doctor Paid Programming
1:00 Vern Jackson A Mercy Full Christmas
Handel's Messiah with Diane Bish The Visitor Financial Issues with Dan Celia
1:30 Joy Waters Fowler GE Theater
2:00 The Walk TV Movie: "Always a Bride" The Walk TV Movie: "Santa Conquers the Martians" Ride-a-Christmas The Walk TV Movie: "Treasure Island" The Walk TV Movie: "Gospel According to Scrooge" The Walk TV Movie: "A Christmas Snow" The Walk TV Movie: "Little Princess"
2:30 Starlight Night
3:00 Three Young Kings
3:30 Star of Bethlehem
4:00 Movie Special: "Christmas at Maxwell's" Movie Special: "Christmas Without Snow" Special: Child of the Promise Telephone Time Sessions Christmas Four Star Playhouse You Bet Your Life
4:30 Gruen Theater DuPont Theater You Bet Your Life
5:00 Studio One: The Nativity Sessions Christmas Lux Video Theater: A Holiday Affair You Bet Your Life
5:30 You Bet Your Life
6:00 Sessions Christmas Financial Issues with Dan Celia Financial Issues with Dan Celia Financial Issues with Dan Celia Santa and the Three Bears Financial Issues with Dan Celia Paid Programming
6:30 Paid Programming
Rise Up Come On In Clark Sisters Little Christ. Burro Paid Programming Booga Booga
7:30 Precepts for Life with Kay Arthur Once Upon a Stable Kay Arthur (Thurs.) Dr. Wonder
8:00 The Gift of Christmas Gospel Music USA All is Bright Love's Pure Light Christmas Is Kay Arthur (Fri.) Veggie Tales
8:30 Gospel Music USA Red Boots/Christ. Harmony Road Fred & Susie
9:00 Down Home Gospel Smart Life with Dr. Gina Christmas/Hwy. 101 Movie Special: "Homeless for the Holidays" Bedbug Adventures Movie Special: "The Angel Doll" Gospel Bill
9:30 The Binions Electric Christmas Scaly Adventures
10:00 Spirit of Life On Call with Dr. Asa On Call with Dr. Asa Avalon Christmas Aqua Kids
10:30 Betty Jean Christ. Paid Programming Paid Programming Passport to Explore
11:00 Musical Journey with Diane Bish Your Health Your Health Special: Jubilee Christmas Special: Christmas in the Heart of Nashville Your Health Glory Bound Jubilee
Noon Movie Special: "Christmas Without Snow" Love's Pure Light Univ. of Mobile Christmas Special Gaither Homecoming Gospel Music USA
12:30 Live At Oak Tree
1:00 Sessions Christmas Sessions Christmas Christmas at Cadillac Jack's Special: Hollywood Christmas Parade Up On Melody Mtn. Texas Country Gospel
1:30 Paid Programming
2:00 Movie Special: "Homeless for the Holidays" David Phelps: O Holy Night Jack Frost Christmas Stagecoach Santa Paid Programming Gaither Homecoming
2:30 Paid Programming
3:00 Veggie Tales Veggie Tales Love Came to Me The Isaacs Christmas Veggie Tales Movie Special: "The First of May"
3:30 Pahappahooey Island Davey and Goliath 321 Penguins
4:00 Movie Special: "The Christmas Lodge" Dragnet Movie: "Mr. Scrooge, I See You" The Gift The Binions Red Skelton
4:30 Dragnet Joe Santa Claus Clark Sisters Red Skelton
5:00 Racket Squad Movie Special: "Christmas at Maxwell's" Special: Child of the Promise Red Skelton Paid Programming
5:30 Liberace Christmas Martin Kane PI Red Skelton Paid Programming
6:00 Ozzie and Harriet Long John Silver Mandisa Special The Lucy Show Ozzie & Harriet
6:30 Meet Corliss Archer Paul Winchell Aaron Neville The Lucy Show Lassie
7:00 Red Skelton Christmas Journey to Freedom Jason Crabb Special Ozzie and Harriet Ozzie and Harriet The Lucy Show Burns & Allen
7:30 Red Skelton Beverly Hillbillies Beverly Hillbillies The Lucy Show Jack Benny
8:00 Chrisagis Brothers Christmas The Visitor Love That Bob Studio One: The Nativity Red Skelton Christmas Dinner Beverly Hillbillies Mickey Rooney
8:30 A Christmas Carol Petticoat Junction Beverly Hillbillies Make Room/Daddy
9:00 Burns and Allen Lux Video Theater: A Holiday Affair Colgate Comedy Hour Annie Moses Band Christmas DuPont Theater Beverly Hillbillies The Walk TV Movie: "A Vow to Cherish"
9:30 Love That Bob Gruen Theater Beverly Hillbillies
10:00 Dear Phoebe Four Star Playhouse Jack Benny A Musical Christmas Movie Special: "Christmas Without Snow" Petticoat Junction
10:30 The Ruggles DuPont Theater Jack Benny Petticoat Junction
11:00 Ray Bolger GE Theater David Phelps: O Holy Night Gaither Christmas Special: Petticoat Junction Bonanza
11:30 Jack Benny GE Theater Petticoat Junction

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