HARMONY Program Schedule For July 20-26, 2014 (WGGS 16.3)

6:00 AM FFE Presents Gospel Music His Radio Morning Show with Rob and Leslie Gina D's Kids Club
6:30 Pahappahooey Island
7:00 Singing Down South Dr. Wonders
7:30 Television's Jubilee Dooley & Pals
8:00 Down Home Gospel Charlie/Church Mouse
8:30 Storykeepers
9:00 Sherwood Baptist Church Club 36 The Lad's TV
9:30 Auto B Good
10:00 North Florida Baptist Church Babbie's House Come On Over
10:30 Through the Bible with Les Feldick God Rocks
11:00 Christ Church Your Health with Dr. Richard and Cindy Becker Monster Truck Adv.
11:30 Monumental Puppets with Heart
Noon Harvest w/G. Laurie Know the Cause with Doug Kaufman Lassie
12:30 Grace w/M. Lucado Davey & Goliath
1:00 Wade Spencer Precepts for Life with Kay Arthur iShine KNECT
1:30 Sing Out America On Call with Dr. Asa Mike's Insp. Station
2:00 Gaither Homecoming Paid Programming Veggie Tales
2:30 Mike Purkey Gospel Music USA Dean & Mary Brown Jerry Barnard Grace w/M. Lucado 321 Penguins
3:00 Texas Country Gospel Atlanta Live Doctor To Doctor
3:30 Living Beyond Organic
4:00 Dean & Mary Brown Family Friendly Entertainment Presents Gospel Music Videos FFE Presents Gospel Music
4:30 Harmony Road Paid Programming
5:00 Brother Dave / Hour of Power Singers Karen Wheaton FFE Presents Gospel Music Main Stage at NQC FFE Presents Gospel Music Dean & Mary Brown Movie: "Left Behind III: World at War"
5:30 Israel Houghton Jerry Barnard Paid Programming
6:00 Up On Melody Mtn. Love Special Paid Programming Up On Melody Mtn. Heart of Health (Live call-in program) Gaither Homecoming
6:30 Laverne Tripp Paid Programming Dean & Mary Brown Paid Programming
7:00 Spirit of Life FFE Presents Gospel Music Down Home Gospel Television's Jubilee FFE Presents Hits From The Past Sessions Gaither Homecoming
7:30 Main Stage at NQC Singing Down South
8:00 Sessions Texas Country Gospel Gaither Homecoming Special: Anazing Grace Just Keep Singing Reggie Gay Wade Spencer
8:30 Wade Spencer Israel Houghton Harmony Road
9:00 Glory Bound Jubilee FFE Presents Gospel Music Special: Night of Joy Episode 1 Parables Family Movie: "No Limit Kids" FFE Presents Gospel Music Just Keep Singing
9:30 The Case for Christ Dugger Mtn. Music
10:00 TBN Movie: "Jesus" Walk on Water Youth Bytes Change TV Glory Bound Jubilee
10:30 TV One Life Revolution MXTV
11:00 Jesus Connection Movie: "Love's Long Journey"
11:30 Babbie's House
Midnight Family Friendly Entertainment Presents Gospel Music Videos
12:30 Movie: "Love's Abiding Joy"
1:00 FFE Presents Hits From The Past Paid Programming
1:30 Dorinda
2:00 Dugger Mtn. Music Atlanta Live Come On In
2:30 Carroll Roberson Paid Programming
3:00 Music City Gospel with Don Frost Family Friendly Entertainment Presents Gospel Music Videos Love Special
3:30 Dorinda
4:00 Sessions Worship Videos Dean & Mary Brown
4:30 Jerry Barnard
5:00 Harvest w/G. Laurie Main Stage at NQC Paid Programming Love Special Up On Melody Mtn. Brother Dave/Hour of Power Singers Reggie Gay
5:30 Grace w/M. Lucado Mike Purkey Monumental Sing Out America Gospel Music USA Paid Programming

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